Harris Super
Harris Super

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Harris Super

Description: Harris Super Cutting System

The Harris Super is an innovative machine with a body structure systemized for different types of  gas fuel cutting and automatic welding work

Cuts to 300mm
  • Features:
    • Straight lin and circle cutting or welding
    • Double-cone stepless drive system, maintaining constant travel speed even with high temperatures and allowing greater speed control
    • Plate Rider Torch Option, automatically maintains torch distance during cutting
    • Modular straight 1800mm rail sections (ordered separately)
    • Circle rail Ø 40-360mm and Ø 1150-2400mm (ordered separately)
    • Speed meter dial indication with conversion scale
    • Cutting torch unit for square or V-bevel cutting, equipped with the Harris cutting torch model 198-4
    • Double or triple cutting torch unit available on request
    Part NumberModel NumberDescriptionStyleWeightLengthWidth
    PCS-SUPER-42Harris SuperHarris Super Cutting System 42 V Acetylene3 hose11kg430mm170mm
    PCS-SUPER-42FHarris SuperHarris Super Cutting System 42 V Alternative fuel3 hose11kg430mm170mm
    PCS-SUPER-110Harris SuperHarris Super Cutting System 110 V Acetylene3 hose11kg430mm170mm
    PCS-SUPER-110FHarris SuperHarris Super Cutting System 110 V Alternative fuel3 hose11kg430mm170mm
    PCS-SUPER-220Harris SuperHarris Super Cutting System 220 V Acetylene3 hose11kg430mm170mm
    PCS-SUPER-220FHarris SuperHarris Super Cutting System 220 V Alternative fuel3 hose11kg430mm170mm
  • Part NumberFuel Gas
    PCS-SUPER-42FOxy-natural Gas/Methane
    PCS-SUPER-110FOxy-natural Gas/Methane
    PCS-SUPER-220FOxy-natural Gas/Methane
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